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Legal Advice has basic need Assault and battery crimes include domestic violence, sexual assault, abuse of children, and spouse/partner assault. Other types of violent crimes include vehicular homicide, sodomy, and child pornography. Some cases fall under Title IX student protection laws, and some are public morals crimes like soliciting, sodomy or engaging in lewd acts.

Firm Provides Services Legal Advice

Price Law Firm has a law firm based in New York City offering first-rate representation in the area of real estate law. The firm provides services in residential and commercial real estate, as well as litigation. With offices in New York, Texas, and Massachusetts, Price Law Firm attorneys have ready to help you with your legal issues.

Price Law Firm

Attorneys at the Price Law Firm represent sellers and buyers of real estate. They have experienced and knowledgeable and take the time to fully explain each step of the process and make sure their clients make informed decisions.

Practice Areas

The Price Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services and first-class representation to clients in New York. It practices in the areas of commercial and residential real estate law, as well as litigation. The attorneys of the firm have vast experience in their fields. They have dedicated to their clients and always provide you with the best possible service.

Active Member of the Legal Community

The firm has home to lawyers with vast experience in multiple practice areas. Josh Price began practicing in two real estate litigation firms and then left to form Lipsig & Price PLLC in 2008. He later founded The Price Law Firm LLC in 2011. He has sought after by clients who have complicated cases. He has also an active member of the legal community and is known for his willingness to continue to educate himself on the changing laws and evolving legal practice. Another partner of the Price Law Firm, Heather Ticotin, practices in all aspects of commercial litigation. She is also skilled at representing landlord-tenant matters.

Felonies & Misdemeanors

Whether you have accused of a felony or a misdemeanor, obtaining legal representation is essential to your case. If you cannot afford a lawyer, the court can appoint a public defender. These attorneys have experts in criminal law and can represent you in court. They will work to prove your innocence and get you a lesser charge.

Crimes are Classified According to Class or Level

Most crimes have classified according to class or level, and the punishment for each one depends on how serious the crime is. In general, misdemeanors do not carry long jail sentences, while felonies carry stiffer sentences, from life in prison to death in certain cases. However, a misdemeanor charge can also  a nonviolent one, such as grand theft, drug crimes, or a violation of probation or parole.

Marijuana Laws

If you have facing charges of marijuana possession or sales, you may need aggressive representation from a lawyer who understands marijuana laws. Marijuana laws have extremely complicated, but an attorney can help you navigate them. A lawyer should  familiar with state and federal marijuana laws.

Numerous Marijuana-Related Criminal Cases

An attorney specializing in marijuana law can make the difference between a favorable outcome or a dreadful case. Attorney Bruce Margolin, for example, is the leading marijuana attorney in Southern California. He has handled numerous marijuana-related criminal cases and is a strong advocate for medical marijuana. He also consults on cases involving cannabusinesses and is licensed in California, Oregon, and Colorado.

History Of Marijuana-Related Crimes

Attorneys from the Price Law Firm understand the intricacies of marijuana laws. In fact, South Carolina’s marijuana laws look more like those enacted by Richard Nixon in 1971 than they do today. In fact, it is illegal for anyone to possess even a small amount of marijuana without a medical card. Depending on the amount of marijuana and whether or not a person has a history of marijuana-related crimes, they may be facing jail time.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Price Law Firm offers first-class representation and comprehensive services to its clients in New York. It specializes in commercial and residential real estate law, as well as litigation. It has been serving the greater New York area for over three decades. Their attorneys are skilled litigators and can successfully represent your interests in any legal situation.

Personal Injury Claims

The attorneys at the Price Law Firm have a wealth of experience and know-how when it comes to dealing with personal injury claims. Legal Advice understand that every case is unique, and that personal injury attorneys must be able to adapt to the specifics of each case. They also understand the importance of aggressive representation in these types of cases.

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